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1/9/2016 1 2:20:00

How to buy bitcoin instantly in USA

When some say they want to buy bitcoin “instantly”, they typically mean without registration or verification in any exchange. Cause, once you’re registered and fully verified, buying bitcoin is an instant process in most of the exchanges. Of course, it depends on your payment method too. Some payment options like bank transfer are not “instant” in nature usually, so obviously you won’t be able to buy bitcoin instantly in such cases. However, if you’re already registered as a verified user in crypto exchange and you have linked your credit, debit or prepaid card in that platform, there shouldn’t be any problem to buy bitcoin instantly. But as I said earlier, people who are looking for “instant” purchase, they are actually looking for some way to purchase bitcoin without verification. And if you’re wondering how you can buy bitcoin instantly in the USA, you can check this site https://casherbox.com for more information.


Now, let me burst a bubble first. Without verification, there is “almost” no way to buy bitcoin instantly anywhere in the world, let alone in the USA. I mean, there is no “legitimate” way. If you find any site offering such, the chances are that is a scam and you should do your due diligence before falling for such fraud. Here we are talking about the “online” purchase, of course, you can buy bitcoin offline instantly in the USA (or for that matter, in any country) from a bitcoin ATM using cash or card without registration or verification.

So, is there really no way to buy bitcoin instantly in the USA online without verification? Yes, there is at the very least one such option available for the USA users too. That is Localbitcoins. If you don’t know already, this is a site which offers the facility of peer-to-peer bitcoin trading. You can register yourself and start buying bitcoin instantly using a suitable payment method. You’ll see lots of sellers from your own country or region offering bitcoin for the same payment method you prefer. Most importantly, you will receive the bitcoin in your wallet instantly once the payment completes from your end.

However, in Localbitcoins, sellers are increasingly demanding verification documents from the buyers if they notice you have registered just recently and has no or little trade history. Not every seller asks for the verification document though; you’ll find sellers who will be glad to sell you bitcoin irrespective of your buyer status in Localbitcoins. But there’s a catch. Those who don’t ask for verification documents, they usually sell bitcoin for a higher price. On the other hand, the sellers who demand your ID before they accept your trade request, sell for a relatively reasonable price. Now, the choice is yours, whether you’ll buy bitcoin by paying a huge markup or you’d prefer buying for a reasonable price. Localbitcoins is an excellent site in terms of payment methods, convenience and seller options. There’s literally no payment option you won’t find in Localbitcoins; hence it’s convenient for everybody regardless of where one lives. Having said that, you should not fall for any “low cost” selling offer without researching about the seller, Localbitcoins has its fair share of scammers like every exchange. Due diligence before conducting any trade with any seller is mandatory; you should not skip this step.

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